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Kada keeps restaurants, schools, and businesses pests under control with our custom and advanced Integrated Pest Management strategies. Our IPM programs provide complete pest control solutions with minimal environmental impact.

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  • Lydia G. Lydia G. • Seattle, WA • 5/24/2016

    Posting on behalf of my husband: I want to give a huge thanks to Dale and Dennis.
    I was having my roof worked on and we discovered a carpenter ant infestation. Time was of the essence and I didn't know what to do. Dale cleared his schedule and was to my house in less than an hour from the time I called. He found the satellite nest, sprayed and did a thorough inspection of the house, including my crawl space. He was knowledgeable, passionate and thorough in his work.
    Dennis came by last week to seal up my crawl space and the vents around the foundation to protect against rodents. Not only did he do great work but he came back yesterday to repair the frame of one of the vents which had begun to rot. When I got home I noticed that he went above and beyond and replaced the wood.
    I couldn't be more impressed with the customer-first attitude by Kada and highly recommend their services.

  • Victoria J. Victoria J. • Seattle, WA • 5/3/2016

    I contacted Orkin and Kada at the same time. Orkin took 24 hours to get back to me and then with just an email! Kada scheduled quickly and the technician, Dennis, was right on time. He was polite and very helpful. Such a great experience that I signed up for a service. Thank you.

  • Matt L. Matt L. • Seattle, WA • 9/29/2015

    1) Showed up 10 min. early. Awesome.
    2) Super professional & courteous - jumped right to the problem I was having (ants) and proceeded to scope out the house (and underneath) to see how far the damage had gone.
    3) Did the treatment, gave me a fair assessment on scheduled service (which was not a 'sell') and some advice on how to repair the damage & prevent further issues.
    My experience seemed consistent with other reviews, I'd use them again without hesitation. Hope I don't have to...

  • James James • Medina, WA •

    We're so happy we switched to Kada Pest Management. We used several pest companies, all claiming they "care" and do the best service. They only "care" about their check books!
    We've been monitoring our home services and are very impressed with the level of detail and commitment our technician gives our home. Even better, we get way more service and pay much less than what the other pest companies charged!

  • Jo Jo • Bellevue, WA •

    He always does a thorough inspection each time he comes to the house. If any critters have returned, Dale will come back even before his scheduled time to ensure they are gone. Living on a green belt has its challenges and just knowing that Dale is checking our house gives us great peace of mind.
    It's rare to find someone, especially in this economic climate, who takes such great pride in his job and really cares about his customers. It is by far the best customer services I have received from a company in a long time. Thanks, we feel so fortunate to have Dale as our rep.!

  • Ann Ann • Seattle, WA •

    Dale showed up right on time (this doesn't happen very often!) and I opened the door and said, "Are you here to save my life?" As I'm also sure you know, bed bugs are about 3 feet long each to those of us that think we have them! He got right to work and I admit - I watched every second of his inspection (out of a mix of fear and creepy curiosity). He was really professional and informative and after going over literally every inch of the area I thought may be effected, pronounced me bed beg free. PHEW! Spiders on the other hand are a different story...but at least, no bed bugs.

  • Brian Brian • Bellevue, WA •

    Dale is a true gentleman, always with a smile, offering advice and suggestions or just a friendly wave to my kids. I spoke with him often about my concerns regarding harsh pesticides with my young children. He always took extra time to explain the product he was using was all natural and answered my questions. Every time he came he re-emphasized that he was using the "all natural" ingredients which gave me great comfort. I've been impressed because he cared enought to remember what was important to us, the customer. I would highly recommend your service, and have to many friends in the area.

  • Ed Ed • Bellevue, WA •

    Dale just completed an inspection and rodent service at my house and he is exceptional. We were at a total loss as to how to deal with a rat that we have seen several times this week. Dale knew exactly what to do, set traps, inspected the crawl space, and caught the rat. His advise and counsel were so helpful to me and gave me great peace of mind that everything is under control. He was great about giving me options along with his recommendations. He was also at our house a year or two ago to assist with a bee/wasp problem. Dale is the best. In my book, he is a superstar.

  • Jennifer Jennifer • Bellevue, WA •

    Dale was very professional, very informative and took the time to explain everything which made me very comfortable. I already made up my mind that I would not sign up for periodic's, but after speaking with Dale I changed my mind. I am very pleased with the inspection and am moving forward with the exclusion.

  • Charles Charles • Bellevue, WA •

    Dale is providing services above and beyond the call of duty. My wife and I are very pleased with the services being provided.

  • Sue Sue • Bellevue, WA •

    I want to let you know how great Dale is and how much I love having him as my technician. He does great work and is very attentive.

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